Safety Pointers

  1. It is compulsory for all workers and visitors to wear a safety helmet upon entering the terminal area.
  2. All vehicles (unless otherwise authorised) must adhere to the direction signages.
  3. Port area speed limit is 15KM/H.
  4. Workers and visitors must use designated pedestrian walk way.
  5. No loitering within the operations area.
  6. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the terminal area.
  7. Use gangway to go up and down the ship.
  8. Workers and visitors are to keep away from suspended load.
  9. No standing in front or behind a moving forklift/vehicle.
  10. Beware of slippery or tripping hazards.
  11. Strictly no fishing at the port.

  • Display your POIC Port Pass (PPP) at all times.
  • PPP is not transferable.
  • POIC Port Security reserves the right to escort workers and visitors out of the terminal area when not adhering to the Safety Rules and Regulations.
  • Photography and videography is prohibited unless written permission is obtained from POIC Logistics Sdn Bhd.

POIC Port Pass Centre
Office Hours

Monday to Friday
8.00am to 5.00pm

Saturday, Sunday and
Malaysia's Public Holiday


POIC Logistic Sdn Bhd
as the operator of the terminal and PPPC reserves the right to decline application without any reason.
For further enquiry on application for POIC Port Pass (PPP)

Please contact
Mr. Romi Darise
Port Security Executive
+6089 883 289

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